A Home in the Keys

You may have noticed a slight change in the title.  After numerous responses from people outside of Key West (thankfully they either couldn't follow simple directions, or like me they live outside the box ), my wife and I decided to open our search up to "the Keys".   Starting from Sugarloaf and up through Islamarada.  We don't want to be too close to the noise at Boca Chica NAS, that's why were are discounting Big Coppitt and Stock Island,.

As background, my wife and I moved from Old Town about five years ago and we now live in Europe and the Caribbean.  We decided a couple of days ago that it is time to head back to the states.   We thought about where we wanted to live and both of us decided that the Keys would be the place to be. It is warm enough and just far enough away from the kids that they couldn't drop in unexpectantly, but close enough for them to visit when we wanted them to. 

Looking over the MLS gave us all kinds of information on properties on the market.  From our previous Key West experience, we knew that we would only want to live in Old Town or the Meadows or the Casa Marina area.  We value our privacy so we don't want a condominium or a compound.  

Our initial needs aren't outrageous:  we have a minimum requirement of two bedrooms, one bathroom, plus a decent common area (living room/kitchen/dining area) .  It must have some private outdoor space.  Renovation projects do not worry me.  Owners of complete tear downs of termite ridden structures need not respond.

We came up with a maximum cash outlay of $400,000.  If you have a property with a market value of $300,000 - please don't tell me that it is worth $400,000.  It will just be a waste of time. If your property is absolutely wonderful and you can offer up something creative,  I am willing to discuss all options as "outside the box" thinking is what I do best

Our  actual requirements are cast in putty, and will change based upon the property presented.  Our home in the Caribbean is in the process of being sold with a short term closing.  The closing is strictly dependant on the buyer's compliance with government regualtions and red tape and it is our of our hands.  

I have no problems if you want your real estate agent to contact me. This process is this is not meant as a way to circumvent the owner/agent relationship. I hope it will simplify our search. 

Please be assured that neither I nor my wife is involved in "the business" of Florida Keys real estate, as a real estate agent, broker, mortgage broker, banker, baker or candlestick maker.  No information that I receive from you will be passed on to any person (okay, I'll let my wife know) or company.  I am strictly an individual searching for a property, hoping to eliminate the "I wonder if'..."

So, if you have a property that meets our criteria, and can fullfill our emotional needs,  please send an email to info@islandseye.com and let me know what you have, or how we can make things work so everyone is happy.

I will be in the Keys for 10 days in November with the goal of finding something.  Hopefully I will have a short list of homes to look at before I arrive.

"only dead fish go with the flow"